In Heaven. The guests are arriving for Christ’s Wedding. The Holy Family gathered, the veil about to be lifted when the ritual is disturbed…As the doors of the sacred house are wrenched open by the Falling Angels, the ceremony begins to strangely transform.
Sacred house, iconography and family tumble to earth. Awaiting the arrival are guests both ancient and new. The ceremony recommences. As the veil is lifted, the doors of the sacred house re-open…

Falling Angels is the final part of a trilogy based upon classic and modern texts utilising the extraordinary improvisational techniques of trance in performance by Polish director, Zofia Kalinska. Falling Angels explores sexual morality and transgression within our family and social structures.

Throughout 1993 Meeting Ground workshopped with religious leaders and local people drawn from diverse cultural and moral backgrounds.

“At a time of great change and insecurity it is crucial that we are looking into the very heart of what constitutes our personal basis of society, the question of family and the issues related to cross cultural marriage.” European Journal