Established in 1985

Meeting Ground Theatre Company

In 1985, after four years producing his plays at the Royal Court and RSC – Stephen Lowe left London with his partner, the actress Tanya Myers, to form a new experimental company MEETING GROUND based in Nottingham.

The company has always been committed to reaching out to new audiences in order to create “astonishing” theatre.

Spanning an extraordinary and diverse range of styles, themes and spaces such as – a musical at the Nottingham Playhouse (PARADISE), shows in care homes (STRIVE), street events (PUSHING ON), and community theatre (FAT CATS), and SMALL WAVES, which toured to Canada. Also, touring UK and abroad with productions directed by the great Polish director, Zofia Kalinska (THE SALE OF THE DEMONIC WOMEN, PLAISIRS D’AMOUR, and NIGHT OF THE GREAT SEASON).

Workshops and research collaborations form the bedrock of each production and range from clog dancing (THE LUDDITE PROJECT), seance and object theatre (DANCE FOR THE GIRLS), new digital mapping (INSIDE OUT OF MIND) to creating a challenging meeting ground (led by Jonathan Chadwick) in Sibiu, bringing together theatre workers from Serbia, Algeria, Gaza, and Rumania (WAR STORIES).

Meeting Ground translates exciting new clinical research into poetic, radical theatre and aspires to creating new ways of working together to give voice to those least heard.


Our Vision

To give value to neglected voices.
To create astonishing journeys to celebrate our common humanity.
To initiate dialogue and debate to change ourselves and the world.

Our Mission

Based in Nottingham, we seek to develop regional talent; tour nationally and abroad.
We work with artists from diverse disciplines to discover new language.
We create accessible theatre of revelation based on in-depth research.
We forge strong working partnerships with non-art based organisations.
We secure new audiences.
We facilitate feedback and workshop opportunities.

Our Values

Power and potential of the imagination.
Language of feeling.
Revelation over innovation.
Discovery of beauty in the mundane.
Healing of self and society.
Equal respect for all; audience and artist alike.
The joyous magic of play.